Hi. Guys. I am stuck here, could there be a reason why some of my modules do not have jar files, Particularly on KenyaEMR

What are you basically trying to do. Could you share the full log using pastebin.com

I am trying to start modules on KenyaEMR but I have got issues with some of the modules not starting, It logs errors above on tomcat9 logs

Oh sorry! I have seen something related to patient queuing and RadiologyApp kindly @minimalist, @corneliouzbett, @jecihjoy we need your help please!

So @minimalist @corneliouzbett @jecihjoy would be able to help me

I know they have first hand information concerning kenyaEMR or direct you to the person who is able to help.

Kindly share more details on what you are trying to do. Are the modules those developed by UoN Health IT? @ningosi @injiri

This must have been resolved. What he needed was to import the right dictionary version. @james let me know if you still face problems

Yes, @ningosi helped with that problem, Thank you