HFE: Pre-Core 2.x API reference in DrugOrderSubmissionElement

Hi @mogoodrich,

I wonder if you ever bumped on that one from Core 2.x:

if (defaultDose == null)
  orderTag.dose = orderTag.drug.getDoseStrength();

Drug#getDoseStrength() was deprecated as of Core 2.x. It’s weird because this must have been forgotten when DrugCompatibility was introduced.

I guess the only way to leverage compatibility classes in a tag element is to use Context.getRegisteredComponent(..) right?

Cc @prateektiwari @sameermotwani11

I think we only use the Drug Order tag in Rwanda, which is still running 1.x… seems very possible that something like this could have been missed.

To be honest, I’m not particularly familiar with the DrugCompatibility stuff, so not sure if there’s a better way to do things than a “getRegisteredComponent”.

I think it’s the only way if tag elements are not Spring beans. I will have to check whether this is indeed the case.

Thanks for providing some context about the tag use! @ssmusoke what about you, are you using it yet?