HFE identifier validation

@mogoodrich how can I override what HFE is reporting about identifier conflict and have my own custom message. When a user supplies an ready exiting/in use identifier to another patient, instead of reporting that to the log file, I would like it to appear on the UI. I tried writing an AJAX call that searches for such exiting patients using the supplied identifier but seem NOT to work as I expected, it starts by returning false, then true and goes back to HFE validation. Is there a way we can capture such field value and report it as FormSubmissionError? @mseaton

@ningosi, what tag are you trying to use? Is this using the <patient> tag? I personally don’t have a lot of experience in using this tag - I’d have to dive in and debug the behavior.

Yes, I will second Mike’s question–is this for the patient tag? Because I, too, don’t have experience with it…