HFE: Heading to a release of 4.0.0?

Hey @mogoodrich and @mseaton,

What’s your take on releasing HFE 4.0.0? We could also certainly do it gradually with a beta first if people feel more comfortable that way.

Cc @ssmusoke @mksrom

P.S. There’ll be a dedicated post, but we’re heading towards a release of Iniz 2.1.0, and this will require releasing HFE 4.0.0.

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Defer mainly to @mseaton on that has he’s got a lot of work-in-progress stuff regarding the new Drug Order tag.

From my end, we’ve been running 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT on our staging servers for awhile now, so I’m generally comfortable with it…

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Thanks @mogoodrich, same here.

@mksd - I’m good with it. The only real area that gives pause is with the drugOrder tag, as it really hasn’t been put into particularly heavy testing yet. But that is not a heavily used feature of HFE, and anyone upgrading will need to reckon with considerable backwards-incompatible changes related to this tag regardless, so we can communicate around this tag specifically. Otherwise, I think the 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT branch has been around for a long time and is overdue to get released. Let’s discuss exact timing and comfort on Slack.

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Sounds great, thanks @mseaton. We can also use the TAC to spend a couple mins on this.

cc @grace

sounds cool and thanks @mksd for this

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@mseaton @mogoodrich can I go ahead with this?

Defer to @mseaton has he is the one doing the active development on the new “Orders” tag.

@mksd - let me do some quick final testing and make a few small tweaks and talk tomorrow.

Thanks @mseaton. Sure.