Help with wiring beans in module

Hi all

I’ve been struggling to wire beans inside module for the past 2 hours now. I tried autowiring but the bean am wiring is always null. I also tried to do the wiring inside moduleApplicationContext.xml but the bean is still null. I would really love some help here. This is a huge blocker for me. The commit that uses autowring can be found here, while the other using applicationContext.xml is here.

See ConceptMapTypeValidator for an example, you don’t need to add it to the application context file. By the way, why do you have to add your own validator interface, why can’t you implement Spring’s Validator interface?

I did see the spring validator and how its used in other places in the code. But i did not want to validate my data model as its used elsewhere. I just wanted to validate an html file.

@ivange94 what is the exact name of the bean that you are trying to wire? And where are you trying to access the bean from, but find it null? Are able to easily reproduce this in a unit test?

thanks @dkayiwa and @wyclif, i finally made it to work. :slight_smile: