Help with installing requirements for OpenMRS

I am really just finding it hard to install all the requirements. Ive tried following the video from openMRS university but its like am left behind. Am just wondering how i can be helped! Gilbert

Hey @Igilbert,

Welcome to the team!:smiley:

Could you give more details or errors you are experiencing when setting up.

That way we can know where to start in assisting you.

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Thank you @niccie :wink: The problem i am facing is setting up my IDE. Am used to NetBeans IDE however the link that was provided in the setup openmrs website is showing an error. “” thats link i used and “No information available for :” is the error message given.

@lgilbert this thread is only for introducing yourself. Do you mind starting a new talk thread for the problem you are facing?

Okay let mi do so. Thank you

I’ve moved this conversation into its own thread.

FYI – see HOWTO: Take off-topic discussion to a new topic for details on how to have an off-topic discussion in Talk.