Help with acronyms & abbreviations on Talk

We now have code that provides tips automatically for readers when we write acronyms or abbreviations. For example, things like IRC, GSoC, EMR, or obs are automatically converted so that if a reader hovers over the text, it will provide the full definition. (Try it in this paragraph!)

I’d love to improve this list, so please add any suggestions here. I’d prefer to only include stuff we actually use regularly, rather than theoretical stuff. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for your feedback!

Wow, this is an amazing thing. :slight_smile: This would save beginners quite a few Google searches. Here are the few abbreviations

  1. PR
  2. PM
  3. LUI
  4. GCI
  5. OSI

We may not use all of these very frequently but it would definitely help beginners. I am just curious to know how this thing works. Can I see the source code?

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I try not to use IMHO because I’ve realized that many people don’t know the abbreviation, but if it were defined inline, I might start again!

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That’s excellent Refapp, ref-app, RA, the module names for example htmlformentry, nexus, modulus, DHIS2, FHIR, CEIL

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FWIW is another @darius (I think) taught me that I like that others don’t always seem to know, so if we can add that… :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks everyone. We’ll queue up some additions based on your feedback here. (Currently, the plugin only updates when the site is restarted.) Patches welcome: