Help us with O3 + OHRI Hackathon Ideas and Feedback!

On Tuesday, we held the last OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI Development Fundamentals Bootcamp discussion session. Now, our attention is turning to what comes next: an OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI Hackathon with Learning Labs.

Why learning labs? Why not just have a hackathon? If we have a hackathon for OpenMRS 3.0 and OHRI, we’re going to have different people with different skills and experience interested in participating. We’ll have some experienced devs who will be ready to jump in and start writing code. We’re also going to have some people who are still getting to know the new technologies involved in developing OpenMRS 3.0 and OHRI. By integrating some learning labs into our overall hackathon schedule, we can offer something for experienced 3.0 devs - as well as something for those who want to gain more experience with 3.0 technologies and our collaborative dev practices.

This hackathon/learning lab could do two things:

  • For those new to 3.0 technologies: Gain experience and practice using 3.0 technologies, design conventions, and then work on a prototype for a simple shared asset
  • For those with experience in 3.0 technologies: Contribute to a shared asset that could be used in production.

How might this work? We schedule a series of learning labs as a part of the OMRS21 hackathon that simulates the process using the same tools, from coming to the table with a possible shared asset to designing to coding to testing.

For those who need to polish their React and Javascript skills, we could have a learning lab dedicated to practicing those skills.

How can you help right now? We need your ideas and we need your feedback. Here’s a working draft of what the hackathon and learning labs could cover. Some of the content was brainstormed back in July and I’m pretty sure there are some gaps. Check it out and tell us what you think. See a gap? Add in what you think is missing. Think the order is off? Suggest a different order. Think the content is too advanced? Suggest what would be the right level.

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@jennifer A learning lab would favor the lower developers. How i wish we could have a similar program like the one we had for the bootcamp with weekly targets for the same. At the end of the day, lower devs will have achieved much with a greater contribution to the community especially if it’s focused on development.

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@jennifer Thank you so much for the organization of the Hackathon. I have gone through the hackathon outline and I appreciate the hackathon-Learning Labs. These will indeed help us to get onboard. I for one, I have been learning JavaScript and React following the micro frontend documentation. And I am excited that this is going to be the right time to put into practice what I have been learning and begin making meaningful contributions.

That’s great, @settix! I think the single most important thing to do in advance of the hackathon is to strengthen your JavaScript, React, and any other pre-requisite knowledge/skills highlighted in the 3.0 Developer Guide.

@jennifer thanx so much for the emphasis. I am doing the needful following the 3.0 developer guide and I will make it.

@jennifer I have looked through the Hackathon ideas and I think it captured everything. However, along the way even into the Hackathon, in case we find other ideas to be added then we could add them since I believe we shall be following the agile methodology. The learning lab is great idea to bring everyone to speed. I am also levelling up on react, JavaScript and TypeScript to be ready for the hackathon.