Help us upgrade to Java 8


In the past couple of months, there has been a push to have OpenMRS compile against and run on java 8. We created TRUNK-4583 to follow up on this work. Earlier this year at the hackathon in Maputo, Wesley Brown helped lead the initial work to figure out what issues that need to be addressed to make this happen and created tickets for them; these tickets are listed as sub tasks for TRUNK-4583.

Now we are requesting for your input so we can get these tickets done; you can claim any of the unassigned tickets. If you already have a ticket assigned to you, can you please give an update about your progress? In case you stopped working on a ticket, feel free to unassign yourself so that someone else can pick it up. We will be coding off the java8 branch in the openmrs-core repository, so remember to direct your pull requests to be against this branch and not master.

Looking forward to your contributions. Thank you!



I’ve just setup travis to build against oraclejdk8 and all passes in master. See and

Is the java8 branch still in use/necessary?

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Great! This is perfect timing as this week was the EOL for JDK 7. :stars:

The fixes for the done tickets were committed to master and they resolve other related tickets, nothing so far has been merged to the java8 branch ao it might not be necessary to have the branch since the work is basically done, i will delete it