Help us understand how the OpenMRS relationship feature is used!

Hi everyone! @terry, @burke and I need your help! We’re trying to understand how people use the OpenMRS relationship feature for their work. So if you’re an implementer who knows what an implementation has done with relationships, and how they’re using it for their work, please do take a minute to answer the following four questions for us!!!

One Bahmni implementation is using it to maintain casemanager and patient relationship at an organanisation working on mental illnesses.

For one other, there is a plan to start using it to track family relations. They already do it using some other system. This they need to track for some insurance related requirement.

One more usecase that i was thinking of leveraging relationships feature at an implementation was to help providers mark duplicate record using self relationships. The duplicate records thus marked can later on be merged with a script. Haven’t yet confirmed if this would work or not.

Hi @arjun, this is great! thanks for letting us know!

Can you please share which specific implementations these are? we would love to hear more from them :slight_smile:

Ok… these were the bahmni implementations i was talking about

  1. (case manager relationship)
  2. (requirement for family tracking)
  3. (need for marking duplicate records)
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