Help us decide on PAT call frequency

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(Himabindu Akkinepalli) #1

Hello All, We created below poll to decide on PAT call frequency. Please share your option by End of Tomorrow.

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Thanks !

(Angshuman Sarkar) #2

attn: @abhinavpc, @sanjayap, @laxman, @ramses, @ramashish, @ejustine, @ekirapa, @fcdjapa, @urooj, @apaule, @sandeepe, @pkanchankar, @sohel, @rakib.hasan, @christine, @rabbia.hassan, @jteich, @ningosi

@binduak - maybe we should give more time? a week at least? I am guessing people are still coming back from holidays

(DJAPA Franck César) #3

Hi @angshuonline , thanks.

(DJAPA Franck César) #4

I think we definitely need to give more time. Maybe till sunday.

(justine etaku) #5

Hello @angshuonline, I agree with @binduak, l also suggest the polls extension to next week considering most people are recovering from holidays.

Thank you

(Jessica Ruff) #6

Newbie here… what is PAT?

(Angshuman Sarkar) #7

Stands for “Product Architecture Team”. Although we are supposed to have 2 group meetings, one for Architecture and another lower level technical - we are combining both of them since the attendees are about the same. Its the primary discussion place for features/enhancements and for any significant decision(s) on Bahmni Product.

(Angshuman Sarkar) #8

Based on the poll, we have decided to hold the PAT call weekly on Wednesday 7:30 pm IST (ie. 2 pm UTC, 5 pm EAT Nairobi, 3 pm Germany Berlin, 9 am EST New York, 6 am PST Seattle)

The weekly PAT call zoom link is:

(justine etaku) #9

Thank you for the update