Help us decide on PAT call frequency

Hello All, We created below poll to decide on PAT call frequency. Please share your option by End of Tomorrow.

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Thanks !

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@binduak - maybe we should give more time? a week at least? I am guessing people are still coming back from holidays

Hi @angshuonline , thanks.

I think we definitely need to give more time. Maybe till sunday.

Hello @angshuonline, I agree with @binduak, l also suggest the polls extension to next week considering most people are recovering from holidays.

Thank you

Newbie here… what is PAT?

Stands for “Product Architecture Team”. Although we are supposed to have 2 group meetings, one for Architecture and another lower level technical - we are combining both of them since the attendees are about the same. Its the primary discussion place for features/enhancements and for any significant decision(s) on Bahmni Product.

Based on the poll, we have decided to hold the PAT call weekly on Wednesday 7:30 pm IST (ie. 2 pm UTC, 5 pm EAT Nairobi, 3 pm Germany Berlin, 9 am EST New York, 6 am PST Seattle)

The weekly PAT call zoom link is:

Thank you for the update