Help us compare Bootstrap and carbon for a shared, clear Design System

Hello Everyone.
In order to have a shared, clear Design System which will help us have consistency among contributors we are comparing Bootstrap and Carbon for a design system. Summary of Analysis framework on this confluence page

If you have had experience with the two, please share with us your comparison, which one do you recommend and why. this is to get developers and users view of both systems. Everyone feel free to contribute by replying to this Topic comparing and your comparison will be added to our finding. @grace @katsjosh @mozzy @sharif


I added some missing Bootstrap components. Adjust the size if you think they take up too much space.

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Thanks @sacull . Keep up the Good work

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I worked with both carbon by ibm and bootstrap.

I would say bootstrap is very matured.So I mainly worked with bootstrap on migrating ref app to bootstrap with openmrs.Prior that as well on some other work.Normally its a pretty norm to use in any web app u develop in these days.And I like the backward compatibility it has with the previous versions. Now there will be a new release.

So carbon.I used carbon angular for another project call zowe (LF). It seems it is not stabilized yet lot of things including docs needs to be stable. So I looked in to the styleguide as well but there were times I couldnt figure out things and had to mix and match components with other component frameworks :disappointed:.So I can say bootstrap is in the front from these two :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @ayesh . This is really Awesome feedback