Help test the next generation of ID Dashboard v2.1

Hey everybody!

We (the infrastructure and Identity Systems team) could use the community’s help in providing some Quality Assurance testing and feedback on ID Dashboard v2.1. Currently it is deployed to the staging server. We would appreciate it if everybody could try it out and tell us what you think of the UI, what we need to change, fix. If you see any bugs that we have not caught.

Reply to this thread with all feedback. If you have an account on the OpenMRS ID Dashboard production system, you also have an account on our staging server as we took a snapshot as of 12 August 2015 at approximately 16:00 UTC.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to message me. I ask that you DO NOT email helpdesk■■■■■■■■■■■■, as those cases go to me and it will be redundant. Only email the help desk for production issues.

Known Issues

  • Sign up page has some quirks, we know – it’s not perfect – but it works sufficiently.
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Oh… you could just align the input boxes and add a login entry before you put it online…

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It’s just in staging…but I didn’t want people commenting on that issue

Anyway… as my schedule become empty these days I’ll try to fix these things… How can we bring such ugly product out to people!

It’s not THAT ugly per se.

However, I refuse to release this until we get adequate QA time. Could you do a PR? if you do fix it?

The issues I see are:

  • when the username is taken, the text covers up the info section near the username field
  • By and large, it works fine – I don’t think it’s THAT bad – I’m just not 100% happy – it’s just my standards – they’re way different from those of @michael and @elliott – I tend to like as few imperfections as possible.

Soon, in a few days.