Help setting up tests for TRUNK-5307.

Hello, I am a member of a team working on TRUNK-5307. We have a problem which is blocking us from testing a part of the method we are testing.

TLDR: If you know how to get a form’s EncounterTypes and set that up in the XML, we need your help doing so

The full post on the ticket can be found here

Can you create a real pull request with your current changes?

@dkayiwa Thanks for your reply. We’ve been on a 1 week break and been working on adding the other tests we had planed, so it took a while to respond, but we do have some updates.

While we did not find any way to represent this in the XML files, in the Java code we were able to add EncounterTypes in. Currently, those tests are passing. We also wrote some tests for getFormCriteria with the containingAllFormsFields not empty, and they do not pass. After digging through documentation of functionality and reading some to the code, we believe the setup of our tests to be working, but are unsure if that is true or if there is an actual bug. Since we still have a problem, I will create a pull request with our current changes.