Help setting up OpenMRS

Hi, I am having an issue in setting up open mrs. Could you please help me in fixing issue or let me know where can I post it?


Thank you Bhanu what exactly are you setting up ,it could be a development environment or just the standalone or still the enterprise application for your own use and or Demos. In that case note the following

1.User Environment requires JDK5-7 depending on the openmrs version 2,Developer environment tasks you to have the following a-JDK5-7 b-maven c-Git d -Github account for forking projects e-openmrs-sdk

read these links for more details

The getting started pages pointed out by @tendomart should help. For developers, we recommend

Also, for specific technical questions (if you have a particular problem or error message), you can post to Ask OpenMRS (i.e., the “Ask OpenMRS” category in Talk also available via

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Thanks @burke