Help Section Open Web App Initiative for the Reference application

I have an idea to implement a Help Section Open Web App for OpenMRS Reference application. Currently, Reference application doesn’t haven’t any much help section for the users who are using this one. Can we move to implement a Open Web App with following aspects,

  • Common help information about the Reference application.
  • Quick FAQ section for OpenMRS Reference application
  • Module wise help sections. This section will give some basic information about each module, and how can the user interact with those modules. (We can fetch the related module help information from a common endpoint to show the respected user)
  • Help section for reference application features and How can a user interact with those features properly.

There might be some more ideas which can be included into this OWA.

What do you think about this idea for OpenMRS reference application :slight_smile: ?

CC : @dkayiwa, @darius

@suthagar23, that’s an interesting idea.

What I would say is that we really want to avoid duplicating our documentation in multiple places, because that’s a recipe for things eventually becoming stale and out of sync. Generally our refapp documentation lives on the wiki here:

One approach could be to just add some links from the refapp to the wiki (though dealing with versioning would be tricky).

Another approach would be to propose moving all our refapp documentation to a code repository, which can then be compiled for use in the refapp, and also for posting on the web.

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Thanks @darius for the kind information.

Yes, We wouldn’t like to duplicate the existing documentation in multiple places. But the second approach is good for me :slight_smile: .

We can create a code repository with,

Any more suggestion to this idea?