Help regarding MMU EMR

Hi, find the below-attached snapshots of Dummy_EMR and MMU_EMR page.In Dummy_EMR the tabs(Messaging, Sales, Accounting, Purchases, Warehouse, Reporting, Setting) are showing according to our interface, which is absent in MMU_EMR (Get this error after the installation process 0f MMU_EMR).Please guide us.

@surama123 can you please clarify this question? Why are you including OpenERP screenshots? Are you using Bahmni (in which case this post should be moved to #software:bahmni) or the plain OpenMRS platform?

Open ERP Not showing its functional tab

On our electronic medical record (On which Bhamni, OpenERP, OpenElis are configured) we are not getting the proper interface of OpenERP. Some of the tab/functions are missing as an example (Sales. Accounting, Purchase, Warehouse, etc). we have another dummy server on which these tabs/functions are available. please help us how to show these functions(Sales. Accounting, Purchase, Warehouse, etc) into our electronic medical record system. Following screen shot is attached of dummy EMR which showing the Sales. Accounting, Purchase, Warehouse, etc which are not present in the real time OpenERP .

Below I have attached the systems screen shots.

Thank you…!