"Help People Upgrade to Platform 2.x" Sprint Announcement

the Filter Module runs loads properly but wen i click on a single form …it brings this error https://hastebin.com/obukokiheb.swift. any clue on how i ca go about it?

@darius , @ningosi Patient Flags Already Released to Bintray https://bintray.com/tendomart/omod/PatientFlags/2.0.0?sort=&order=#files/

but not yet released Through to CI.

@tendomart released before your pull request is merged?

@dkayiwa am the Reverting the PR, there was no need to add “2.x” to the config file.

I did test the omod at my local instance before releasing it at Bintray , that is what was remaining for the Ticket.But i guess it’s bad practice since you have raised the concern,will try to avoid it next time.

@tendomart the Patient Flags module is already in OpenMRS’s bintray here: https://bintray.com/openmrs/omod/patientflags

So the way to release the new version is via CI (which will automatically do a maven release, which will automatically be picked up by bintray, though possibly it takes some hours for this)

@darius oh thanks. i had not considered that.

do we need to do a few updates here



the filter module still got issues. i tried to change the aproach on how to deal with the hibernate 3/4 incompatibilities here

but i still get the same error

I’d like to give an update/summary on this sprint (since we are actually 5 days past the scheduled end date).

So far…


  • PLAT-36 - we determined that the Database Backup module already runs in Platform 2.x
  • PLAT-37 - we determined that the Data Entry Statistics module already runs in Platform 2.x
  • TRUNK-5383 - we researched a particularly tricky issue with the reporting module and openmrs-core upgrades, and determined that it won’t occur with current versions of reporting, so this is safe for eSaude to do a quick-fix for

In Progress:

  • PLAT-38 @tendomart is working on releasing the Patient Flags module
  • PLAT-39 @mozzy is working on upgrading the Form Filter module

And we have two tickets that did not get picked up:

  • RCM-106
  • TRUNK-5384

@ningosi can you please give a summary of where eSaude stands as far as upgrading their system to run on Platform 2.x?

Others who may also be working in parallel are welcome to share too.

@darius my system has been down for the last two days.Still trying to get things fixed then i’ll clear up the PR.But about testing i tested Patient Flags on Platform 2.0.6 ,the only remaining thing was Release via CI, then have it closed.


So far I have tested all the community modules we use for esaude and found them working on platform 2.0.5 and manged to upgrade our database(manual fixes were required though for reporting) to that as well. What is remaining now is to fix all our custom modules to be compatible with 2.x, then fire up a demo server for folks to try and simulate what they have been doing with the previous version just to make sure everything is OK and are NOT interrupted from normal. Then depending on the user testing experience, we will make a decision to roll out to other facilities.

Many thanks to all that participated to help esaude learn and get to platform 2.0.5, I believe it will be smooth to get to 2.1.x with minimal adjustments.



@tendomart Patient flags already works on 2.0.6 since we use it with the current UgandaEMR version in development and on the demo site http://bit.ly/ugandaemr-demo

Thanks @ningosi for eSaude’s help in providing us a target to work towards, and please do continue to keep us informed about your progress in doing the upgrade.

And if other implementations want help in doing an upgrade, please reach out to the community as well!

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thx @darius too, i finally got done with the form filter module

@ssmusoke alright thanks for the info

@darius may be will handle something different

@tendomart, @ssmusoke, but the issue is that we need a released version of the patientflags module that does not have a dependency on the logic module. According to the commit history logic was removed in Nov 2017, but there has been no release since 2012!?!

(I don’t know what version UgandaEMR is using, but the latest release in both github and addons.openmrs.org is 1.3.4 which was tagged in 2012.)

So @tendomart it would still be valuable to release a new version of the patientflags module.

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@darius @tendomart can go ahead and release the 2.0.0 version we are currently using the SNAPSHOT

@darius alright then let me proceed.

@darius I released Patient Flags 2.0.0 to Maven and Bintray.

FYi @ningosi it’s ready for implementation https://bintray.com/openmrs/omod/patientflags


weldone sir @tendomart

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