Help on recreating issue RA-961

Hi, Im trying to recreate the issue Im not sure where to add <obs conceptid in the html form as mentioned below .

Where should i add this tag in the concept ? or in the form ?

Did you try to go through the detailed steps to reproduce as put in the ticket description?

@dkayiwa Yes i did. I don’t understand whats required by the highlighted step .

Can you show me all that you did up to step number 6 on this server?

@dkayiwa Sure… How do you like to see the steps ? video or screenshots ?

Just do the steps on that demo server and give me a url to what you have created all the way up to number 6

@dkayiwa Here is the concept i have created

and im not sure where to add the stuff mentioned in step 7 in html form

Step number 6 (the step just before the once you are asking about) does not stop at creation of a concept.

@dkayiwa Sorry i did not get what you meant by “does not stop at creation of a concept”.

Just do up to step number 6 and point me to where you stopped.

@dkayiwa As you can see below , i’ve set the Encounter type as “Check in” as mentioned in step 6. and the step 7 says something about adding obs conceptid=“163099”. What i’m asking is where should i add that in the form ?

Oh i see! Save and then select it from the list of html forms that will be displayed.

@dkayiwa Thanks a lot. I’ll try that

@dkayiwa There are few more things i would like to get clarified.

The above mentioned issue seems to be exists in the Reference application but not in the Legacy UI. Im testing this using the standalone application. Is this the correct way to test this ? Im bit confused over reference application UI and legacy UI. Which UI do we get in standalone web application ?