Help on how to download Maven.

I would like to help me on how to download and set up maven on my system. I have tried going to the links provided but i have failed reaching the site; it just says the timeout error. So what can i do rectify this problem? Thanks for your help.

Sorry for that experience @jessek10 please follow the links below and send a feedback

For Windows Os follow that.

For Linux use that.

Otherwise read through Maven – Installing Apache Maven

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@jessek10 try to follow this link here hope this will be helpful…code and save lives

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Thank you for the help

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Hello @mherman22, I have tried installing maven using the link you provided, but still its not opening.

It is still availing me with a timeout error.

What can I do to rectify it?

kindly share the error either on or screenshot so that we take a look at it

here is the error

does it happen on chrome as well? looks to be a network issue. the Link is okay

read through How to Fix Err Internet Disconnected Error in Chrome

@jessek10 AvastBrowser tends to block some sites better u use Chrome …or if otherwise also update Chrome it needed

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i have tried it using Chrome but still the same issue

have you tried all the steps there?

i have tried but still failed.

but im gonna continue till it works.

what other options can do?

@jessek10 it looks like you have no internet connection .

Can you make sure your PC is connected first.

my computer is connected to the internet but the link is telling me that “error”. So i don’t know what the problem is .

By the way i also tried accessing the link via my smart phone but the link wasn’t opening. so i don’t know what the problem is?

Which link ?

Can you try another browser like firefox and see what happens ? though i think the issue is with your computer networking settings

ok let me try and use another browser and see

i will give you the feedback soon

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@tendomart thanks for the advice plus all community members that have helped me today. @tendomart i ahve used Internet Explorerand the download worked so i have downloaded the maven software. Thanks to everyone for the support.


Glad you have succeeded, but hope you won’t be using Internet Explorer(I.E).

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No This was just for that situation