Help on CIEL & ICD 10 translations to spanish

I read this document, however I’m seeking alternatives for adding the Spanish translation to these dictionaries/codes without touching the database and only using the OpenMRS backend(concept dictionary). If someone has done this before, the help is welcomed. @darius @rafanetow @akanter I’ve mailed you to request access to the dropbox.

Maurico, Are you using some other default OpenMRS concept dictionary without translations? The CIEL dictionary obviously has the translations. If you have the original OpenMRS data dictionary, there might be some ID overlaps, but you might have to either use a text mapping or those with SNOMED CT reference maps that are SAME-AS to assign translations across. Is there a reason you are not using CIEL as your dictionary?

We have added many French translations for existing CIEL concepts. @akanter has adding them. It would be great if there was a simpler process and less work for Andy.

Improving the CIEL concept dictionary (ie. adding additional languages) is best and helps the entire community.

Ellen Ball

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