Help me to understand this code "<openmrs:message code="general.description"/>"

Hi everyone,

I am try to create a new test module to understand the OpenMRS project. I followed this link to create a new module. I want to know how this below code is working. "<openmrs:message code="general.description"/>"

@mozzy @ruhanga kindly please help out here

@nalinga that’s an openmrs custom tag that reads messages from messages.propertes file for internationalization

for that code to work , You must have a string property like

general.description=My Custom Description

in your file

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thats only used when your module will depend on the legacy UI , otherwise , in the UIframework , which is currently used in the reference application ,some thing like this is used… ui.message("general.description")

Can you please tell me more about that ui.message() part please, what happen in that function?

Thanks @mozzy I will try :slight_smile:

@jayamal , can you take alook at this