Help me to understand this code "<openmrs:message code="general.description"/>"

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(Nalinga Gamage) #1

Hi everyone,

I am try to create a new test module to understand the OpenMRS project. I followed this link to create a new module. I want to know how this below code is working. "<openmrs:message code="general.description"/>"

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@mozzy @ruhanga kindly please help out here

(Moses Mutesasira) #3

@nalinga that’s an openmrs custom tag that reads messages from messages.propertes file for internationalization

for that code to work , You must have a string property like

general.description=My Custom Description

in your file

(Moses Mutesasira) #4

thats only used when your module will depend on the legacy UI , otherwise , in the UIframework , which is currently used in the reference application ,some thing like this is used… ui.message("general.description")

(Jayamal Jayamaha) #5

Can you please tell me more about that ui.message() part please, what happen in that function?

(Nalinga Gamage) #6

Thanks @mozzy I will try :slight_smile:

(Moses Mutesasira) #7

@jayamal , can you take alook at this