Help! How Do I Use OpenMRS Standalone after Install?

Application Name: OpenMRS Standalone 2.5.0

Version Number: OpenMRS Standalone 2.5.0

Question: Hi Everyone!

I am new to OpenMRS and have downloaded the standalone version for the very first time. I unpacked the “openmrs-standalone-2.5.0” zip file as well as the corresponding database zip files “empty database” and “demodatabase”. After opening the .jar file I eventually have my web browser open to an OpenMRS login screen. Using username: admin and password: test I am brought to a webpage showing OpenMRS “Add On Manager”. I have attempted to try and look for the demo data so I can explore the MRS, but I am stuck at “Add On Manager” screen. How can I get started with OpenMRS standalone version to where I am actually in the MRS, exploring different patients, and creating different patient profiles? Thank you in advance for any and all help provided!

@farooqabidm Welcome to community! my assumption is by installing the standalone you wanted to have a feel how openmrs application look like and play around with different modules. Well, we have 2 versions the distribution which is bundled with modules and you can have a feel by trying to login into the demo server and platform which doesn’t have the UI and you have to install the modules by yourself. Basing on the screenshoot shared above I believe you have a platform version and so to proceed you have to install the modules manually. Kindly let me know if you still need help.

Thank you for your help! Is there a way to have all the most popular modules already installed to where my standalone version is equipped and functional for use at an outpatient clinic?

Also, is there a document with clear instructions as to how to install OpenMRS from beginning to End? Maybe a step by step video?

For that case I will recommend you install a distribution you can follow the steps on this guide OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

It sounds like you downloaded the Platform standalone. The platform is headless (i.e., it has no real UI). You probably want to download the Reference Application standalone, which has the same UI as the demo application.

For production use, we don’t really recommend the standalone version. You should be able to install OpenMRS following the instructions on the Wiki.

Thank you for your guidance!

Where can I download the preloaded OpenMRS that already has all modules included and is ready to be used immediately after unpacking the Zip file? Is that not the Platform standalone edition, or rather is it the reference standalone edition?

Thank you sir! Much appreciated.

Basing on @ibacher 's commend above you don’t have to use the standalone.

You are going to install a distribution which is also referred to as Reference Application.