Help for installing OpenMRS

Hi, please we´re new in OpenMRS, please we need help to install and run OpenMRS, anybody can help me?


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hi @afcabreram34 welcome. Have you found this helpfull?

  1. All Installation Guides - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

  2. Set Up Development Environment (Backend) - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Do we need to install all these to contribute to OpenMRS for GSoC 2023? Will this be sufficient?

Thanks, for your response, i install OpenMRS but when it´s running appear this message:

OpenMRS Platform Running!

If you are seeing this page, it means that the OpenMRS Platform is running successfully, but no user interface module is installed. Learn about the available User Interface Modules

If you are a developer, you can access the REST API. (See REST documentation for clients)

Okay the Platform normally has no UI. If you want to test the system you can download the reference application standalone version. If you want to deploy on server like tomcat, you need to download the platform war file and the reference application module from here

Since you seem to already have the platform deployed you only need to download the modules, unzip the folder and copy its content to OpenMRS module directory. The OpenMRS data directory location depends on the OS you are on, give the details of your OS and we will help you figure it out.

This is worth looking at too. Its easier for me.

Short answer: Yes

Long Answer: OpenMRS is a mentoring organisation so you must understand the culture, process and people for you to be able to work well with the community. Did you have a look at this Guide for the New and Curious - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki ?

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Yes sir. Thanks for guiding me.

Thanks, my OS is windows 11, 64

yes we OfCourse helping you.

Hi, please can you help me to install OpenMRS, I try to install following instructions publicated here but I couldn´t if any one can help me by VPN. Thanks