Help develop student tasks for GCI 2016!

Hi all,

As part of GCI 2016 plans, we need to put together tasks that students can work on.

Unlike GSOC or traditional coding based tickets, GCI tasks don’t need to be coding only - they can be anything from QA / advertising / marketing / promotional / documentation etc.

For example, last years GCI students worked on a wide variety of tasks including promotional videos, documentation, basic coding, QA/testing etc. etc.

Do you think that you have a task idea that’s suitable for high schoolers ages 13-17? We would like to hear from you.

Step 1: Review previous OpenMRS GCI tasks here: Step 2: Based on what you see, propose new tasks for students to work on by creating new tasks under the GCI JIRA project.

IMPORTANT: One major difference in GCI tasks is that there can be the following kind of tickets -

  • One ticket can be completed only by one student only
  • One ticket can be completed by once per each student (ex: create a promotional video on GSOC)
  • One ticket can be completed by multiple students, multiple times (ex: perform QA and identify 2 bugs in OpenMRS standalone etc.)