Help Desk Community Infrastructure category is running crazy!!!

@cintiadr @burke does any one know why our help desk Community Infrastructure category is being filled or spammed with so many Mail Delivery Failed messages? In the last 5hrs, we have got over 900 new entries. And more are coming at a very alarming rate.

I just can’t seem to help the GCI students out of these too many entries!!!

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I looks like a request for JIRA access for @mschouwe came in from a host (it looks like it may be a self-hosted mail server) and managed to generate an infinite loop of rejections. I have added * to the inbound & outbound filters for the moment. Hopefully, this will put an end to the craziness; however, it means @mschouwe may not be able to send or receive messages to/from the helpdesk.

I been helping when I’m active and looking

Well, that was fun!

I’m marking all emails like that as resolved.

@cintiadr that was really helpful. Though the problem was solved, i had no idea how i would go through more than 1,000 cases to look for the valid ones.

Thanks @burke for fixing this.

Thanks @r0bby for keeping a watchful eye.

@dkayiwa, there’s a ’ magnifying glass’ icon at the top left corner in helpdesk, where you can search for tickets. And then you can apply bulk modifications to all of them.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip @cintiadr :slight_smile: