Help decide tickets to be included in Platform 2.0

Hi Dev’s

Today @dkayiwa and I will be running through the tickets marked to be released with Platform 1.12/ 2.0 and decide what should be included in the Platform 2.0 release and what should be bumped to 2.1.

Join us on the IRC channel after the scrum meeting today at around 15:40 UTC to help decide the status of these tickets. We would love to hear your views and suggestions.

The main aim of this meeting is to :

  • Close the issues (about 290) that are ready to be closed
  • Get a well-defined set of tickets for the Platform 2.0 release
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that’s good information, though not clear to me. but we i will be there.

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Hi @aaronkaddu How can I help to clarify things for you? Can you be bit more specific. :slight_smile: We will be having the meeting this week as we were unable to work out the timings last time. I will keep you posted.

thank you @maany i will be waiting brother


Here are the tickets that made it to Platform 2.0. Do give a look :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: