help: can't find file containing source code for Vitals

i want to fix this ticket issue Log in - OpenMRS Issues but I have failed to locate the repository with file containing the source code. can someone hep me please?

when I follow this path openmrs-module-htmlformentryui/enterHtmlFormWithSimpleUi.gsp at master · openmrs/openmrs-module-htmlformentryui · GitHub where i expect the code for temperature to be, it is not there. i also checked other multiple folders and paths.

Have you tried the core app?

It’s part of the Reference Application module: openmrs-module-referenceapplication/vitals.xml at e0a9d496d9c68fd7a28686aaa70ed07b5c4d4d29 · openmrs/openmrs-module-referenceapplication · GitHub. However, the maximum value is not driven by code but by the concept dictionary.


not yet. let me check through and give you feed back

Thank you @ibacher

is this the correct repository for concept dictionary? GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-openconceptlab @jwnasambu @ibacher

The concept dictionary repo is here GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-ocl-client: OCL Client for OpenMRS


Thank you @jwnasambu

Technically, the concept dictionary is part of the OpenMRS core data model. The repo Juliet mentioned is a client for Open Concept Lab, but the dictionary itself is a core part of any OpenMRS install. The subscription module you linked provides one mechanism for implementations to populate the concept dictionary using data from Open Concept Lab.

Not everything in OpenMRS is code… Quite a bit of it is metadata! (Some docs on how the concept dictionary can be worked with are here).


Thanks for this clarification

How can a pull request of this kind of issue that has been changed through metadata be made?

Make changes to the “i Absolute” attribute of the concept CIEL:5088 in your local concept dictionary and push to your forked repo and make PR. otherwise it may need a CIEL concept dictionary maintainer @akanter to update CIEL.

please share a path of how i can locate the i absolute attribute. is it in this repo GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-ocl-client: OCL Client for OpenMRS?

Kindly first setup your OpenMRS local instance and login as admin.

i have completed the set up and login.

I am at that stage now. i have completed editing the required value

Test your edits locally to make sure they work as expected.

Also note the concept attribute ID 5088 . CIEL:5088 has no record in