Help: Build failure in openmrs-core api

And where is the server id needed? Because I am just compiling the module by running mvn clean install before I can work on an issue.

@reganmakanga you had an exceptional and @ibacher pushed a commit to fix it. Kindly did you pull the changes? besides did you report back to him concerning the output?

@jwnasambu , yes I reported back to @ibacher as indicated in this reply and stated what effect the commit had. I am waiting on his response.

@ibacher , here is latest log after running mvn clean install C:\Users\HP\openmrs-core>git pull --rebase origin masterremote: Enumerating ob -

even when you target the specific file (CoreDataTunerTest) with mvn test -Dtest=CoreDataTunerTest, it fails as seen in this log C:\Users\HP\openmrs-core>mvn test -Dtest=CoreDataTunerTest[INFO] Scanning for -

Cc: @kdaud @jwnasambu @dkayiwa

Kindly when you run git status do you see the changes you have pulled from the master branch?

Sorry Reagan i thought you were setting up an openmrs sdk…sure you will find help

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@jwnasambu , after running git status , the output is my branch is up to date with origin/master as in the screen shot please.

FWIW, @ibacher’s commit fixed the first reported error. And i have just made a followup commit for the remaining error: Fix Invalid byte 2 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence on windows · openmrs/openmrs-core@4f1efca · GitHub

Both of these errors were happening on only windows.

Thank you very much everyone for fixing this.