HealthQual and other indicators

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@craigappl, do you have any kind of functional or design documents for these that you are working on? I’d love to know more about what we might expect from this, and what you are planning here. Copying @ddesimone as well.

Thanks! Mike

Hi @mseaton (and @ball) ,

The HealthQual report is the report that is most often run in iSanté. @nathaelf has updated the specification and we’re looking to have it developed to work in OpenMRS. Can you review the spec and let me know if you guys have anything like it?

The indicator interface in iSanté includes a number of standardized reports. We have extracted this reporting interface from iSanté and are working to integrate it into OpenMRS as an Open Web App. The underlying data model uses a standardized local data warehouse and the team is working on creating the ETL scripts to transform the OpenMRS data model into the data warehouse. There are two ways to view the indicator interface:

  1. in the iSanté demo at u:demo p:Demo123# Click Rapports and the interface includes all reports under Tableaux de bord:
  2. You can see the separated report links in the iSantéPlus demo server. This includes a MER indicator report that’s no currently in the Tableaux de bord from option 1 above.


@craigappl and @nathaelf , we don’t have anything like this in our OpenMRS system currently, but it is something that we need for sure.

It would be interested to see how you are planning to script your ETL process, and how far along you are with that. We also have an ETL process that we are evolving using Pentaho Kettle on the backend. I’d be happy to walk you through that code, and for us to learn from each other on this process. The more we can share in common the better!

Regards, Mike