Heads up on RA build failures

I’m working on improving the release process for RA and build failures are inevitable in the process. Please kindly ignore them for the next few days (I’ll try to keep the build green before I go to bed).

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It appears to me that uat-refapp and modules-refapp are deployed before a release, is that correct?

If that’s the case, I suppose it would make sense to split them into another deployment project (we can configure to create a deployment automatically on every green build, if that simplifies the deployment).

Bamboo will create always create a new deployment version if there’s any automatically triggered environment AND there’s no other version created for that build number, hence why I tend to create two deployment projects with automatic versioning (one for snapshots, one for releases).

@cintiadr, uat-refapp is deployed before an actual release to do some manual user testing. It may be redeployed a couple of times before a release as we fix reported bugs. We do not want it to be redeployed automatically though, but on demand with a bulk of fixes so that it stays available most of the time, which is not the case for qa-refapp, which gets redeployed quite often.

If I understand Bamboo deployment feature correctly, then it is currently configured the way we want it.

@dkayiwa can speak for modules-refapp… I don’t know how it should behave.