Having trouble getting OpenMRS reference Docker image running

Hi everyone! I’m trying to follow these instructions to get a local version of OpenMRS with dummy data. My goal is to be able to run some pipelines locally and work on various issues for the Analytics Squad.

But when I try and following the instructions by running the reference images (docker compose YAML file here), it appears as though the openmrs one in particular keeps hanging at some step I can’t quite understand yet appears to be related to running a WAR file via some Java web framework (Catalina, I think??) – output here as pastebin ; note that there’s just a perpetual cycle once the curl command is issued and times out.

Additionally when I try and connect in my browser to http://localhost:8099/openmrs/ the request hangs indefinitely.

I’m running on an Apple M1 machine and here’s my Docker version

@ stevenchu [stevenchu]$ docker --version
Docker version 20.10.11, build dea9396