Having Issue pushing my commit on github

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Question: I did changes on a ticket which was to replace fireEvent by userEvent but i tried committing my changes but keeping getting errors, the error says i have not installed a userEvent module but i installed it and it is found inside my package.json file, so i really need help.

Can you share your Pr with changes, Also can you try sharing how you were trying to push a commit to github

@cliff can you show your errors at pastebin.com

Sorry @cliff feel free to use pastebin.com and share full logs the better

@cliff Are you still blocked on this?

@herbert24 yes i am

could you drop the pr here

@cliff you are unable to make a PR because there are no changes added to be committed. Besides that, please ensure you don’t make changes on a master branch. Kindly follow this commands

git checkout -b (to create anew branch)
git add <file name> to add the changes made on your branch
git commit -m'' ..........................." to commit your changes
git push to push the changes on your branch
Kindly feel free to ask where you didn’t understand.

This is not the issue, check the screenshot i shared to see the errors

Replace fireEvent() by userEvent() in Tests

@cliff I made my comment basing on the screenshots you shared. A test failure will lead to Travis build failure and not failing to make a PR.

So what do you recommend i do?

First run git branch to confirm the branch you are on. If its a master branch, switch to a new branch by running `git checkout -b

Not still working

Can we have a call on this link https://www.uberconference.com/openmrs?

please an some internet issues yesterday, can we have call today?

Sorry about it! its okay with me. Am sorry I was busy and I didn’t see your response on time. Kindly let me know if you are available

yes am available

we can use the above link to meet