Hats off to our Developers!!!

It has been a pretty exciting week for the OpenMRS Community and Platform 2.0. Post Platform 2.0 we would not support LegacyUI in OpenMRS core but the Legacy UI will continue to live on within an optional module. During GSoC, @tharunya laid the foundation to this crucial task under @burke’s mentorship. @wyclif , one of our core developers, lead a pretty ambitious sprint to complete the migration of LegacyUI to a module and the developer community has done a marvelous job at making sure we are close to achieving this milestone for Platform 2.0 . The OpenMRS community is immensely grateful to @wyclif, @dkayiwa, @raff @kristopherschmidt @jdegraft @tharunya burke darius @cathychen @gwasilwa @chenjr95 for their contributions.

The sprint is about to conclude and we still have 2 issues ready for work. Catch all the action here : https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=83 :smiley: