Has anyone tried Livecoding.TV service?

Today I heard about Livecoding.TV live streaming service for developers. For those of you know who about Twitch, it’s like that but for devs. Take a look here and if anyone is interested in trying it out, feel free to reply to this topic to arrange an audience! :wink:

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It’d be fun – I encourage our GSoC students to do it and here’s why:

  • Others benefit from you
  • People see what you’re working on live
  • FAME

@michael @r0bby, I just checked it out now on tech crunch. It sounds interesting, will love to try it out. I hope it doesn’t take alot of bandwidth.



Did anybody end up streaming a coding session? I think people who are new to the project could pick up a lot of productivity hacks from watching how an OpenMRS pro works :slight_smile: