Has anyone looked at Zephyr for JIRA?

Zephyr for JIRA is an add-on listed on Atlassian’s main product pricing page and offered in their “Cloud” service offering. Could this (or something like it) be useful for us for QA purposes?

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I haven’t used any of those plugins, but that plugin specifically is paid, and it’s an external vendor.

I’m not sure they provide free licenses for open source projects, at least I couldn’t find it on their website.

All add-ons that I’ve seen that are licensed through the Atlassian Marketplace extend Atlassian’s free (as in beer) pricing to open source projects for those add-ons. I haven’t specifically gone through the checkout process for this one but assume it’s the same policy.

It looks nice indeed. @jslawinski, @tmueller, maybe worth evaluating? See