Happy women's day ladies in Tech!

Happy women’s day women in Openmrs, How I wish we used this day to enlighten female students about the myriad career opportunities within STEM fields, encourage them to pursue STEM-related courses which are male dominated, and provide education on the relevance of technology in today’s work culture. I am so glad to have been part of the techsters who participated in a drive.

Qn: “Where can we access resources for STEM education?”

Ans: Libraries, online platforms e.g. Cousera, freecodecamp, Udemy, etc, community programs. Additionally, organizations like Tech4Dev offer workshops, mentorship programs and scholarships so you don’t have to limit your potential.


Thanks @jwnasambu !


Thank you for posting this @jwnasambu!! :bouquet: :muscle: :woman_student: :woman_scientist: :woman_technologist: :woman_astronaut:

I learned about a new resource today: https://www.shecodes.io/ Online coding workshops specifically for women.

They have a foundation arm that will cover the cost for eligible women too: https://www.shecodesfoundation.org/

I notice they also say they have workshops sometimes in many countries our community members call home, including Uganda: https://www.shecodesfoundation.org/uganda