Happening soon: release of a year's worth of Modulus changes

Last week, I held an OpenMRS University session on developing for Modulus (will post a link to the recording once it’s up). In follow-up to that session, I am going through the project, closing old tickets, and preparing a release that should go out soon.

We had great turnout from Google Code-In students in the 2014-2015 year, and there are a handful of changes they contributed to the Modulus codebase that need to be released. I’ve created a 1.1 release tag in Jira, and am planning to keep track of changes going into this deployment there. I’ve been finding open tickets whose functionality has already been merged into the codebase, and will be cleaning them up as I come across them.

Lastly, I am working on making it possible for Modulus developers to set up a dev instance of the project without OpenMRS ID. Hopefully, this will lower the barrier to entry for people who’d like to hack on the codebase.


So I don’t need to make a vagrant box for OpenMRS ID? I think it’s still needed for development on OpenMRS ID…

Yeah, I would keep working on it since it’ll be very useful for OpenMRS ID development. But the Modulus-OpenMRS ID dependency should be decoupled a bit, here.


:+1: I can go with that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for doing this! @elliott, can you give a shout-out after the release, so I can go through and delete the mistatenly-uploaded module versions?


Definitely! I’m waiting on bamboo authorization from the helpdesk but hopefully that’ll be taken care of in the next couple days.

Did you get what you needed @elliott? :slightly_smiling:

@maany added his bamboo account awhile ago

Yes…just blocked by university at the moment :-\


Happens sometimes :frowning: