Handling patients from multiple clinics in one Bahmni instance

I’m not really sure what exactly I’m asking for, but I would like to figure out what the implications of storing patients from multiple facilities in one Bahmni instance will be. This can happen either by some paper coming back to the main clinic. Or by taking some kind of ‘carry-to-the-clinic-server’.

I think often patients will have different patient-identifiers (types) depending on their clinic. So this might be one way to distinguish between clinics. Another way might be to look into the Encounter and Visit location.

But I also know that OpenMRS supports dedicated locations e.g. for patient identifiers and program enrollments. All of this can have an impact on the reporting if the location is brought in as another ‘dimension’.

As said this is less specific question, but would be good to know if and how such cases are handled within Bahmni.

My response wouldn’t be overly illuminating :slight_smile:

JSS one of the hospitals running Bahmni does this. They do things:

  • have separate ID prefix for each sub-center
  • there is a location per subcenter setup and the data entry person chooses that location from patient dashboard or consultation, when doing data entry

But there isn’t much beyond that right now.

Good to know.

So just to write down the details for me: Bahmni doesn’t use the location attribute for identifiers and program enrollment. But you can still separate patients based on the identifier prefix and visit/encounter location.