Handling multiple email addresses

Discourse looks pretty sweet! I’m interested in trying it out via e-mail. Is there an email address for it? Just talk■■■■■■■■■■■■? And it looks like there is only one email attached to an account, so will I only be able to send to discourse from one e-mail? It would be nice if I could tell OpenMRS TALK about my alternate email addresses and have any messages from any of them be identified as me.

It’s kinda lonely in OpenMRS Talk. :cry:

I actually replied to your original post above via e-mail … but the post is pending, while the Discourse team works on a fix. :smile:

That is the correct e-mail address. If you set up e-mail notifications on a category or thread, you’ll receive mail from that address. You can use the reply-to address which will be talk+UniqueKey■■■■■■■■■■■■ and Discourse will automatically append your e-mail response to the thread.

E-mailing “in” to discourse to start a new thread is very new (a few days) and we haven’t set that up yet for testing. The idea is that you could create a unique e-mail address for a category, and all mails directly to that address (no unique key necessary) would create a new thread using the e-mail subject as the title for the thread.

There are a few discussions about this on meta.discourse.org if you’re interested. I’m replying to your note by e-mail but I’ll probably come back and edit this post to add some links.

Also, at the moment only one e-mail address per user is supported. If you want to change your primary e-mail address in your OpenMRS ID profile at id.openmrs.org, the change should be reflected upon your next login to discourse. I’m sure Discourse would love an issue or a patch related to this though. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll reply via email as well (using my Regenstrief, instead of OpenMRS, email address) to see what happens.

@burke - Looks like our reply-via-email is working again. :smile:

I tried replying to your message via email and it hasn’t come through yet. :confused:

This thread may no longer be a good one on which to test as the reply-keys may have become messed up with the delayed e-mails. :smile: