Handling DICOM images as Attachments

Hi , I have seen some little discussions to do with handling DICOM images in the attchments module, i dont know how far that work went. i havent yet tested it out , I would like to know if currently the Attachments module support uploading ,viewing and retrieving DICOM images . cc @mksd

Hi @mozzy,

I have never tried it with a DICOM image, it might either handle it as “any” image or handle it as a generic attachment. Can you try and let me know the outcome?

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@mksd , it handles it as a generic atatchment ,as just any file

Thanks for confirming. I realise that the thumbnail is slightly broken, the caption is not quite displayed where it should…

If generic file handling is not enough, a DICOM handler could be added to Core.

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we can go ahead and create a ticket for it. I think i can get time to work on it some time if its not worked on. we need it in the project i work on.

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