Haitian ID numbers

There are two 2 patient identifiers which we need for ZL (PIH) HIV OpenMRS:

  • Numero identification fiscal
  • Carte d’identification national

On iSantePlus, there is “Code National du patient”. Is that the same as “Carte d’identification national”?

@craigappl @nathaelf Can we add/move this metadata to the Haiti module?




I just heard back from the team. We are not using either of those identifiers and it would be great if you could add them to the Haiti Core module. The Code National du patient is a legacy identifier from iSanté that concatenates first/last initials, month/year dob and Mother’s first initial.


FYI @nathaelf

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So per our discussions on the Talk thread, I refactored this into two bundles:

HaitiPatientIdentifierTypeBundle with:

  • biometric identifier
  • Numero identification fiscal
  • Carte d’identification national


  • Sedish Mpi identifier

I also refactored the package name and moved all the bundles into this “bundles” package… let me know if that doesn’t work for any reason… @ball @craigappl

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Thanks @mogoodrich,

I just updated our module with these changes. I’ll also kick off a commit to create the Numero identification fiscal and carte d’identification national as identifier domains in the SEDISH MPI.

FYI @nathaelf, @pgesek