Hackathon mania

Dear colleagues,

The OpenMRS Kenya Community would like to call on all OpenMRS developers and implementers working in Kenya, interested to participate in the hackathon that will be held at the end of the meeting in December (4th - 8th, 2018) in Nairobi.

We will have a couple of “warm up” (hackathon mania aka hackathon “hackia”) events leading up to the hackathon.

@ningosi and @aojwang have volunteered to coordinate these events.

We look forward to your participation.


Thanks @wanyee for this.

@ningosi @aojwang Can you provide more information on the timing (potential dates), themes and attendees of the warm-up events to help drive discussions and ideas

@ssmusoke we are at the initial stages of the preparations and we will share the arrangements once this is concluded.

Hi Stephen,

This document has the possible use cases that we indent to address with priority given to East Africa needs

Please feel free to add in your contribution and advice where applicable, but top on the agenda are those marked with YES priority

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