Hackathon: KenyaEMR forms migration from HTML to json using the 3.x Form builder (13th-17th June 2022)

The palladium and AMPATH teams are having a hackathon in Eldoret, Kenya to migrate KenyaEMR forms (html) to json using the 3.x form builder KenyaEMR


Woohoo!! This is so exciting. Thank you so much to the Ampath & Palladium team for keeping us informed. Can’t wait to hear how it went.

FYI if you ran into any serious issues with the Form Builder, let us know as @kumuditha is currently re-building it from Angular into React - so we can probably address a few blocker issues along the way.


On today’s O3 Squad call, @dkigen & @eachillah shared an update on how this week went. Very impressive progress!! Huge kudos to the collaboration between @PalladiumKenya & @AMPATH!!

  • Trained devs, BAs, and QA staff to work on O3 forms with the more user-friendly O3 Form Builder.

  • 60 forms transitioned from HFE → O3.

  • Created and improved a script that converts HTML Forms into O3 Forms (does about 60% of the work)! Kudos to @aojwang!! (Details in this thread here.)

  • O3 Forms documentation improved a lot (kudos @dkigen!!). See the improved docs here: https://ampath-forms.vercel.app/

    • Improvements: New guides for referencing forms, hiding fields, performing calcs, updated guidance on how to do validation, and Developer guide on how to get the Form Builder on your server! …and some improvements to the Form Builder itself.

Dennis reported that being able to have BAs & QA team members involved in creating/editing forms was key to their speed.