Guide for the New and Curious revisions: Restructuring of Six Teams

Hi everyone,

I’m working with @jennifer to restructure new user guides for OpenMRS. At the moment my focus is on the Guide for the New and Curious. Down the page, we introduce new users to the concept of the different teams, such as Development, Global Events, and QA Support. However, what Jennifer and I observed is that these teams are not equal; size of these teams differs, involvement is different, essentially, they aren’t proportionate. For example, development is a broad category that makes its way into many of the other teams, while translation has few active projects going on if any.

The key goal is to allow new users to find a group or project they are comfortable with based on their skillset, and so we want to restructure the way they are introduced to how they can get involved. Instead of defining the different teams based on their intent, we considered defining the teams based on skills. This is similar to the Active Projects page, that defines the key objectives of many projects as well as the desired skillsets. We think this will allow for users to more readily get involved rather than having to pour through several different wikis.

We wanted to open up a discussion about how to restructure teams, as the aforementioned strategy is just an idea and is not thoroughly planned out yet. We will also be discussing this on Monday at the next Documentation team meeting.


Great idea @bstuder99 and @jennifer.

This is a good deal and I think this will help new members interested in development not get stuck like as many do without knowing which squad to join or which project to contribute since we have many ongoing projects within the community.

Does this mean having one wiki page that redirects to different squad wikis containing these get started guide ?

How about including technologies used in different squads/projects since one may be new to the community but with some background in a particular tool/technology and may get more compelled joining a squad that consumes the past experience.

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