Guidance on working with transifex

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(Bishal Timalsina) #1

Hello everyone,

I am looking to work on this issue Add openmrs-core and Standalone 2.x module messages to transifex and am having trouble on how to tackle this problem at the start, like where to begin.

This is my first time to get into such and would appreciate some guidance. I would like to actually work on this issue some while before applying for the next developer stage :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time ! I will appreciate any suggestion :grin:

(Ellen Ball) #2

This is very much needed. Thanks for tackling this. It would be great to have instructions for doing this (wiki?).

(Daniel Kayiwa) #3

As a starting point, did you take a look at this?

(Bishal Timalsina) #4

Thank you for helping me out with this, I had my exams so I could not check it, Yes I gave it a thorough study, where do I go next ?