Guidance for Hub & Spoke Architecture with Bahmni


Hey we are planning to setup Bahmni in multiple facilities (sub centers) across state.

What we wish to have is each hospital running their own server for Bahmni. And we wish to collate data from all hospitals and synchronise that to our central server.

That means central server would have access to all patient data across all hospitals. So if patient wishes to check in to some other hospital he’s record will already be available there.

Could you please shed more light on this. I mean how to setup the whole architecture.

I tentatively renamed that thread:

Guidance for Hub & Spoke Architecture with Bahmni

However this might be inaccurate depending on your exact requirements, and you haven’t stated them clearly yet. It looks like you may want to setup an HIE, is that correct? It seems that you need patient files to be available everywhere across your health system.

If that’s the case I will invite you to provision (a lot of) time and resources because you would be digging at achieving the most complicated outcome when it comes to digital health endeavours.

Amongst other things you will need to establish which components of the HIE you actually need.

Okay. Essentially, we have differently located clinics in rural areas (might have internet connectivity issues)and same patients do come in those different clinics. So we are thinking of having local server set up at each of those sites. Now, as is the case, bahmni server will keep information of users (nurses, doctor ) along with all patients registered into that local clinic server. Fine till now.

However, we need some way of recognising the patient in another clinic if he has registered in any one of clinics (where we setup our local server). In this regard we were thinking of creating one master server where all patient registered in all of the clinics will be synced periodically.

Is it possible to have a local server for each clinic , but those servers are feeding each other or may feed a master server in order to have the same information in each clinic

Sorry @ravi991, same remark as in some other discussion we’ve had. What do you mean by “possible”? Everything is possible, it only depends on the resources that you can allocate to making this work.

Do you need the patient identities to be known at all clinics, or do you need the entire patient medical record to be known at all clinics? That’s an HIE question: do you need an MPI (master patient index), or do you need to be build/setup an infrastructure to fully support shared health records (SHR).

It looks like you need an MPI from what you wrote:

You can use OpenMRS itself as an MPI, for the lack of a better option.

@mksd Thanks for your prompt response.

I agree with you there might be considerable development work that would be needed to accomplish what we are looking for.

With the initial setup we are planning to implement bahmni with whatever features it currently has. Subsequently, we will be enhancing it to meet specific customer requirements.

Now, we are looking for entire patient record to be shared so that medical staff can prescribe/order medicine/tests more comprehensively. Does that need more development work and if yes what could we get now (without development work).

Could you please point me few resources.

Another questions :- Could you please provide me with images in

@mksd Specifically I am looking for

@mksd Again I see the complexity involved in whole process.

But the least we would require is to be able to detect same patient across different clinics (we will be using global identifier for patient) and merge their records - (a subset of Hub & Spoke model)

At this point I could think of writing scripts for moving data from databases.

Could you please provide me with few ideas to start it with.