GSP Errors related to commit

Am working on this ticket

And one of the things I discovered on the way is that diagnoses are now being saved as Diagnosis objects in core +2.2 as opposed to Obs of diagnoses… The first approach that came to mind was to configured the EMR-API module to fetch both of these HOWEVER it was tricky to leverage the current methods to pull this off because of how the domainWrappers(of interest being VisitDomainWrapper(VDW) which handles the calls of this particular issue since it’s duty is to display diagnoses according to visits) in the sense that it calls Diagnoses that are saved as Obs and thus it resides in api-pre2.2 implying I cant call methods of the Diagnoses2.2 from this class…A work around seemed to just bump the VDW to 2.2 too however I fall into the issue that Diagnosis2.2 needs patientId and sinceDate to fetch what is need… Option two is what I am now exploring but got stuck along the way which is the Heading…I decided to see if i can make the two calls(to get the Obs-diagnoses and the new Diagnoses) from the coreApps module itself without tinkering with EMR-API…I need help to figure out the best approach and hopefully a reason for the errors am getting since am a novice with GSPs as shown here and the commit for option 2 is here @dkayiwa @ibacher @mksd @mogoodrich @ruhanga @mozzy

@reagan, I added a comment on the commit. Also you can create a PR for more reviews from any reviewer, simply ping them on the PR.


I responded to them… @ruhanga

Been able to solve it…Thanks @ruhanga for the timely light bulbs :innocent: