GSoD'2022 proposal

Hey OpenMRS community.

SInce GSoD has started, I’d love to help the community with drafting project ideas, if we wish to take part. I’d love to help!

@jennifer @gracebish do we still have documentation calls? I’d love to start helping the team

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Hi @rachitt01! It looks like Google just announced GSOD 2022, so as a community, there are a few things we need get lined up - about brainstorming project ideas, recruiting technical writers, etc.

We still have Documentation Team calls: every other Wednesday at 9:30pm IST | 7pm EAT | 4pm UTC| 11am ET | 8am PT. The next one is on February 16.

We have #docs Slack channel that we use in between meetings. We can chat there about how we help our community get ready for GSoD 2022. @rachitt01 @gracebish @kaylinbracey


Got it, I was signed out of Slack hence missed the notifications.

I’d start looking for areas that we can work on, so we have talking points for the proposal/s.

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