GSoD: User Friendly Documentation for FHIR API

Hi @ccwhite23 @herbertyiga @jennifer @gracebish, I know this is extremely late to try submit an application but since I’ve put in the efforts I want to give it a chance. This is my Initial Project Proposal Could you please review it and give your feedback. There are some links that have to be updated, ignore them for now.

A little background: I came across OpenMRS very late into the GSoD application timeline, but I’ve been able to understand the FHIR API structure. I read through the cards on the documentation roadmap on trello, @jennifer would you send an invite to my trello account so I get more familiar with the documentation process in OpenMRS. I am really looking forward to working for this community. Do point out the things I am missing in the application.


can you go on and submit your application,the deadline is today!!,checkout this link

I wanted it to be reviewed once before

Since this is coming in on a short notice,i am doing a quick review and this means many mentors will miss out on reviewing your doc.Checkout for my comments on your doc,i also strongly suggest that you submit what you have and make edits from the google site.


This link contains the form

@ivy2000, Kindly do your best to submit before the deadline. i made a small comment on your document.

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